The church is Jesus Christ’s gift to the world and is called to serve, witness and help individuals discover and experience God’s abiding grace. Few churches, however, can fund all of the ministries they are called to provide.

The Christian Church Foundation helps congregations by:

  • Leading programs encouraging individuals to make legacy and planned gifts to the congregation.
  • Working with church leaders to develop sound endowment policies that will make planned gifts a blessing.
  • Providing prudent endowment investment services in a cost-efficient manner.
  • Assisting leaders of churches that desire to be legacy congregations, providing witness and mission even though their doors may be closing.

At Sandy Springs Christian Church outside Atlanta, church leaders developed a Legacy Builders program to encourage members to leave a gift to the church  in their estate plans. With assistance from the Foundation, the church is helping members provide a lasting witness to their faith. Linda Whitmire, a member of the congregation, discusses the Legacy Builders process in the video below:


A well-crafted permanent fund policy can help generate another stream of income and provide a way for members to leave a lasting legacy gift.

Download sample: (pdf) or (word document)

Need Help?

The Foundation is here to help you grow you permanent fund. Click here to see how.

Promotional Brochures

The Foundation can assist your congregation in designing and writing a brochure that helps describe the church's permanent fund policy and provides information on ways legacy gifts can be used. Below are some examples from various Disciples congregations: