Oscar Haynes Receives Distinguished Service Award

Oscar Haynes of Herndon, VA, has been named a recipient of the Harry T. Ice Distinguished Service Award from the Christian Church Foundation Board of Directors. The award was presented May 18 during worship services at National City Christian Church, Washington, DC.

Mr. Haynes died July 31 in his home. He was a lifelong member of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), serving leadership roles throughout the Church. The award is named after Harry T. Ice, an Indianapolis lawyer who served on the original Blue Ribbon committee that led to the creation of the Foundation as a general ministry in 1969.

“Oscar’s lifelong devotion to the church, and his service wherever called, demonstrates the personal generosity, leadership in philanthropy and the love of and commitment to the whole church that this award symbolizes,” said the Rev. Gary Kidwell, Foundation president.
A professional businessman, having retired as state and regional manager for Fromm & Sichel/Christian Brothers Wines & Brandy, Mr. Haynes’s passion has always been the Church.

His service to the denomination is long. It includes:

  • Second vice-moderator of the General Assembly 1979-81
  • Moderator of the Capital Area Region 1978-1980
  • Office manager and director of communications, Capital Area
  • Administrator of Operations for Sessions 1984
  • President, National Convocation
  • Service on the boards of the Christian Church Foundation, Disciples Home Missions, Greenwood Cemeteries, Lexington Theological Seminary, National Council of Churches, National City Christian Church Foundation and Disciples of Christ Historical Society.

Always interested in public relations and writing, he was the longstanding editor of the Oldtimers Grapevine Newsletter, an independent publication devoted to keeping retired church people informed about church happenings.

He’s received numerous awards and honors during his 98-plus years, and the Historical Society in 2008 honored him with an exhibit.

He married Lula Mae Smith, and they had five children. Together he and Mae served God and the church until her death in 1990. Oscar is married to Rev. Joan Bell-Haynes.  He is a member of United Christian Parish in Reston, where Joan is the pastor.

Randy Johnson, Foundation vice president who covers the area in which the Haynes live, said this: “Oscar Haynes is the ultimate Christian gentleman. He treats each and every person with profound respect and, as a result, all of us who know him feel like we must be one of his best friends! Through his generous spirit and deep faith he gives of himself and lives his faith every day of his life.”

Mr. Haynes' obituary can be found here.

(updated 8/4/14)

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