Made in the image of God and in response to a God who provides in abundance—including the gift of Jesus Christ—we also are called to be givers. Making charitable contributions can be a creative process that adapts to our changing needs while providing an outward expression of thanksgiving.

Planned giving allows a donor to arrange charitable gifts to help maximize personal objectives in tax-efficient ways. An estate—or legacy gift—to enhance ministry provides a powerful faith witness to families and friends.

In addition to end-of-life gifts, donors may want to consider life-income gifts that provide a stream of payments for life or a set number of years, with the charitable remainder going to ministry at the end of the term.

Why Give?

A gift to your congregation or other ministry can make a difference. As Jim Warrner of Hazelwood Christian Church says, putting a gift plan in place that includes the church expresses thanks to God for life’s blessings.