Thanks to the saints who have made gifts through the Christian Church Foundation, $8.4 million was distributed to Disciples-related ministries and other charities in 2014 from permanent funds and other directed gifts. That is nearly $1 million more than was distributed in 2013.

Income solely from permanent funds, which support donor-selected Disciples ministries, accounted for $6.1 million of the Foundation’s distributions. The Foundation manages more than 1,400 of these named permanent funds, funded by donors with gifts ranging from $1,000 to several million dollars. The Foundation is responsible for $152.1 million of these permanent funds.

“The income from these permanent funds at the Foundation is vital to the Christian Church in Illinois-Wisconsin,” said the Rev. Teresa Dulyea-Parker, regional minister and president. “The dollars we receive support our region’s fundamental ministries, including our ability to assist congregations, provide camping ministry, support Disciples Women and Youth Ministry, and start new congregations. Without them, our ministry efforts would be severely restricted. They represent 10 percent of our operating budget and 70 percent of our new church ministry budget. We give God thanks for the individuals who created these funds, and consider them partners in our ministries.”

The Foundation also helps congregations and other church-related institutions promote and faithfully steward their endowment assets. In 2014, partner investors deposited $18.8 million into their accounts at the Foundation. These deposits, coupled with solid investment returns, allowed the Foundation to end 2014 with more than $406.6 million in partner investment accounts. Partner ministries use the income from these accounts to enhance their own ministry and witness, supporting their unique programs and vision.

Market growth, new deposits and $13.4 million in new gifts allowed the Foundation to close 2014 with $618.0 million in assets, the most in the Foundation’s 53-year history. 

“Legacy gifts that come through the Foundation or are received directly by partner ministries show people have a deep love for Christ’s church in all of its expressions,” said the Rev. Gary Kidwell, Foundation president. “The Foundation’s investment discipline allows these gifts to produce essential income that congregations and other church ministries use to enhance their witness and ministry.”

The Foundation received $8.2 million in permanent fund gifts in 2014, which includes $800,000 from legacy congregations that have ceased their visible ministry but have ensured their local and global witness continues through income distributions from these funds.

New life-income gifts, donor-advised and donor-directed gifts totaled $5.6 million in 2014. Life-income gifts, which can provide a steady stream of payments for donors, leave a residual gift for donor-selected ministries when the life-income payments terminate. 

The Christian Church Foundation is a general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that seeks to support and expand the abilities of all Disciples ministries to worship, witness and serve by providing opportunities for donors to make planned gifts, and to help Disciples ministries be good stewards of their gifts through sound investment policies and prudent investment services.

The Foundation’s 2014 financial statements can be found here.