2019 Disciples Senior Minister Leadership Conference

January 8-10, 2019

Join us for this exciting event at Drive-In Christian Church in Daytona Beach, FL!

Meet Our Keynoter

Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton


Americans are more politically divided than we’ve been since the Civil War. These tribal disagreements rip apart families, friendships, governments, and, not surprisingly, churches. Because of this, polarization becomes a primary part of any pastor’s context and a challenge to her or his work. In our pews and in churches across the street from one another, we host both red and blue, Rightlanders and Leftlanders. Jesus prayed for his disciples and their disciples “that they all may be one,” (John 17:20-23) but how can we imagine becoming an answer to that prayer amid this current tribalism? In this politically-charged context, what is a Christian leader’s job? How should she preach? How should he lead a congregation? How should our churches engage the world? Rev. Allen Hilton, Ph.D., will help us engage this crucial leadership issue of our time. The conversation will touch vital aspects of ministry in our setting.

Hotel Information

The 2019 Disciples Senior Minister Leadership Conference host hotel is the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort. Please use this button to book your hotel rooms and enter the code: CCF19


There is no registration cost. Attendees are responsible for individual travel, lodging, and some meals. The Foundation will host a dinner Tuesday night, provide lunch on Wednesday, and breakfast on Thursday. In order for us to have an accurate count for meals and handouts, please fill out the form below.

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