What is the Christian Church Foundation?


Since 1961, the Christian Church Foundation has served the church’s mission and vision through planned giving, endowment funds, and other avenues through which donors can charitably distribute their gifts within the church and the world. The Christian Church Foundation works with individual donors, local congregations, legacy congregations, regions, and other ministries of the church to determine their passion for ministry and discern together the best way they can use their gifts to support ministry.

Our calling is to invest your resources and manage your gifts to leave a lasting legacy of change for good in this world. In the words of President Gary Kidwell, “Our purpose is to make distributions that produce dollars for ministry. Moving money to mission – that’s what we do.”



Our mission is to support and expand the ability of all Disciples ministries to worship, witness and serve. We do this by identifying and resourcing donors who desire to make a difference through planned gifts, and by assisting Disciples ministries to be good stewards of their gifts through sound policies and prudent investment services.

Core Values

Faith Based Investing

We believe our investments should mirror God’s plan for the fair and just treatment of all people and the sustainability of our environment. As a participant in the Foundation’s long-term investment program, Disciples ministries have a voice in making this world a better place.

The Foundation is a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), an association of 275 faith-based institutional investors which work with corporations to be socially and environmentally responsible. ICCR began in 1971 when representatives from a number of Protestant denominations joined together to challenge the role of banks and companies in Apartheid South Africa.

The Foundation and ICCR influence change by being responsible shareholders, voting proxies and bringing a moral voice to American companies and their boardrooms – the places where vital values and policies are put into place. Each year ICCR-member religious institutional investors sponsor over 100 shareholder resolutions on major social and environmental issues.

Financial Reports

Annual Reports

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Audited Financials
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United Christian Missionary Society (UCMS)

The Foundation is responsible for treasury services for UCMS, including receipting of charitable gifts and providing distributions per the instructions of the UCMS Trustees.

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