Most congregations don’t have enough funding for their ministries.

We work with your congregation to fully fund ministries that serve people and proclaim God’s grace to the world. Through legacy giving, policy creation, and investment management, we assist your congregation in achieving the funding it needs to do God’s work in the world.


Creating Policies

Here’s a true tale of two churches. First Christian Church developed a policy for managing and distributing legacy gifts. Their board had a meeting and learned the gift totaled over $2 million. In just 30 minutes, they created their action plan for managing and distributing funds.

Central Christian Church, however, did not have a plan. They received $250,000, and their leaders managed the fund with no policy in place. The congregation soon became suspicious. Today, there is a major division in the church and expenses are not met.

Help your congregation prepare for the blessing of a planned gift. Download our model policy.

Mentoring Model

Can you imagine a time when your congregation would no longer be surprised receiving an end-of-life gift, and instead be surprised when a gift is not given? We can help you build a giving ministry in your congregation.


Endowment funds

Endowment funds for a congregation can be a blessing or a burden. At the Foundation, we work with church leaders to make endowment and permanent funds a blessing.

Endowments allow congregations to expand their ministry and witness, while empowering the individual Christian with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal stewardship statement. These donors want the church to wisely steward these gifts. In many cases, they want these gifts to serve ministries for years to come.

A good endowment process begins with a permanent fund policy. Our development team provides these resources to your leaders. We then guide them through the path of developing a policy that reflects the congregation and avoids pitfalls.

Once the policy is approved by your leadership and congregation, we assist in the promotion of the endowment.



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Legacy Congregations

A congregation, when it closes, can still bless ministries and provide its own lasting legacy. First Christian Church of South Bend, Indiana, began in 1850. A once thriving ministry, they eventually dwindled to just 35 in weekly attendance. They decided to sell their 35,000-square-foot facility in 2009 for over $600,000.

They gave over $128,000 to Disciples charities. Then they contacted us to set up a permanent fund with $257,000, with earnings supporting charitable causes the selected in the perpetuity. Their decision will bless others for many more years.

Our team helps your congregation develop a plan to liquidate your remaining assets and bless others through your legacy.

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All Saints Day Planning Guide

The first Sunday in November is All Saints Sunday – a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the witness of the saints of our congregation. This resource book was designed to help you plan a meaningful worship experience.

Download All Saints Day Resources for your congregation.


moving money to mission

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