Ways to Give

IRA Charitable Rollover

Individuals over 70 ½ receive a “Required Minimum Distribution” from their IRA. That RMD can be given directly from your IRA to an approved charity - a tax-efficient and convenient way to support ministry. We help you with the appropriate paperwork so your IRA can be used to further the mission of the church.

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Click here for forms to assist you, your IRA administrator and the charity receiving your IRA Charitable Rollover gift.

Life Income Gifts

This approach allows you to give generously while caring for your own needs. You receive a tax deduction for the gift amount, and you also receive income for life or a specific number of years. The charitable remainder goes to the congregation or ministry you choose.

The two most common are charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Permanent Funds

You or your family establishes and names a permanent fund, and you determine the charitable recipients. These gifts support your chosen ministry for years to come. We create these endowment funds with gifts of $1,000 or more.

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The Steward’s Donor-Advised Fund

The Christian Church Foundation provides a donor-advised fund called the Steward's Donor-Advised Fund. This fund allows donors to contribute $10,000 or more to a special fund managed by the Foundation and allows the donors to advise on the payment of both income and principal to causes of the church over their lifetimes.

This method of giving is particularly helpful to those who:

  • Want to make a gift now but will decide later which parts of the church or other charities should be the beneficiary of the principal or income;

  • Expect a higher-than-usual taxable income for any particular year;

  • Would like to make a gift before retirement so that tax benefit can be gained during peak-earning years, but distribution will be made during retirement years.

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