Legacy Congregations

A congregation, when it closes, can still bless ministries and provide its own lasting legacy. First Christian Church of South Bend, Indiana, began in 1850. A once thriving ministry, they eventually dwindled to just 35 in weekly attendance. They decided to sell their 35,000-square-foot facility in 2009 for over $600,000.

They gave over $128,000 to Disciples charities. Then they contacted us to set up a permanent fund with $257,000, with earnings supporting charitable causes selected by the congregation. Their decision to create a permanent fund will bless others in perpetuity. 

Our team helps your congregation develop a plan to use your remaining assets as a way to bless others through your legacy.

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All Saints Day Planning Guide

The first Sunday in November is All Saints Sunday – a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the witness of the saints of our congregations. This resource book was designed to help you plan a meaningful worship experience.

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Moving Money to Mission

Begin creating a plan for your congregation today.