Foundation Board hears from new GMP, approves 2018 budget

The Christian Church Foundation continues to celebrate new financial milestones, buoyed by strong market returns in 2017 and tight budget controls, its Board of Directors learned.

The Board, meeting in November in Jacksonville, FL, approved a $4.2 million spending plan for 2018. Projected operating income is about $4 million, with earnings from its own endowment making up any difference.

 President Gary Kidwell reminded the Board that the Foundation’s financial strength allows it to provide cost-efficient services to donors and ministry partners. Keeping a tight rein on expenses during good times ensures resources for ministry in lean years, he said.

 The Board also heard the Rev. Terri Hord Owens, the new general minister and president of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Owens is an ex-officio member of the Board.

Owens encouraged Disciples to keep in strong relationship with each other and to mentor and encourage youth, passing on that critical “Disciples DNA” that makes the denomination unique.

The Board also:

• Received a first-hand history lesson from President Emeritus James P. Johnson, who shared some of the background behind key decisions made in the Foundation’s early years. What seemed like small decisions at the time, President Kidwell noted, have had a major influence on how the Foundation more effectively moves money to ministry.

• Elected Board leadership for 2018. Continuing are Bob Williams of Dallas, TX, Board chair; Todd Reed of Walton, KY, vice chair; Debra Clayton of Topeka, KS, secretary; the Rev. Tanya Tyler, Sterling, IL, at-large member; and John May of Wilmington, NC, Investment Committee chair. Also elected were Ted Waggoner of Rochester, IN, Budget & Program Committee chair; Sharon Worley of Denver, CO, Audit Committee chair; and the Rev. Joanne VerBurg of Black Mountain, NC, Nominating Committee chair.

• Said farewell to retiring Board members Josué Torres-Moreno of Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and Gloria Feliciano of Totowa, NJ.