Ann Ledwith Passes on Love for Family, Friends and Faith Through Permanent Trust

"To Ann, love and marriage were sacred," said her grandson, Mike Ogden. "To her, your word was your bond, and friendships lasted through adversity."

Ann Ledwith lived her life with devotion to her faith, family, and friends. Like so many men and women who make up the greatest generation before her, Mrs. Ledwith left a legacy of love, commitment and hope. 

In honor of her everlasting commitment to her faith, Mrs. Ledwith arranged a gift to help enhance the future ministry of Bethany Christian Church before she died in August, 2011. 


Securing the Future

Recognizing that she had been “blessed beyond measure” and that she had more than enough to financially sustain herself and provide for family, Mrs. Ledwith named the Christian Church Foundation as a beneficiary of her investment account. This gift was used to create the John and Ann Ledwith Family Fund, which provides annual gifts to Bethany Christian Church’s general fund and library fund. 

“Ann had served for many years as the librarian at Bethany Christian Church,” says Rev. Marilyn Fiddmont, the Foundation vice president who helped her plan her gift.  “She wanted to make certain that her contributions to the general fund and to the overall ministry of the congregation would continue. We accomplished both of these wishes for Ann.”

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Arranging a Bequest

Mrs. Ledwith decided that if she didn’t need all of her investment funds during her life, she wanted to make sure that the money would be used to support Bethany Christian Church. She decided to create a permanent fund through the Christian Church Foundation to make annual distributions to her beloved congregation.

Mrs. Ledwith worked with the Christian Church Foundation to make sure her gift would provide an ongoing income stream to support the church for years to come without the congregation having to worry about managing the fund.


Leaving a Legacy

“She will not be forgotten,” says Rev. Fiddmont. “Not by a family that loved her as much as she loved them, nor by a church that she loved and cared for, both in life and in death.”

Rev. Brad Stagg, former Bethany senior minister, says Mrs. Ledwith’s care and concern for others made her the “elder of the elders” at Bethany Christian Church. Having served for decades at the church librarian, her shepherding list was always the longest because so many requested her support. She and her husband John (who died in 1992) were outstanding leaders in the church.

“I will never forget how Ann began her sharing,” says Rev. Stagg. “As Ann’s faith matured it grew to be an example of Christian service and love for all of us to emulate.”

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