Dr. Alvin Houser Makes End-of-life Gift to Pension Fund

Dr. Alvin Houser and his wife of nearly 63 years, Martha Katherine, loved Christian ministry. He attended Baylor University, Westminster College and Texas Christian University, and served as a chaplain in World War II.

Always proud of his service to the Christian Church, even in retirement he found ways to serve the church, including taking people to First Christian Church in Bryant, TX, when he was 90.

Dr. Houser had a great appreciation for the Pension Fund and the work of the Foundation. During his later years, he completed two charitable gift annuities with the Foundation, which provided him guaranteed payments for life.

It was at his death in 2009 when his legacy became tangible: the charitable remainder of one of his gift annuities went to the Pension Fund to provide additional pension support to retired church workers with low pensions. The other gift annuity funded a permanent fund at the Foundation that will help undergird funding of the church’s general mission.