Frank & Patricia Helme Name Church With Their Children in End-of-life Gift Plan


For Frank R. and Patricia C. Helme, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has always been a member of their family.

Frank had a long career as pastor, associate regional minister and then on general ministry staff in Indianapolis; his wife, a former teacher, was actively engaged in ministry as well.

Now retired and living in Fort Worth, TX, the Helmes have put in place an end-of-life plan that remembers their children and the Church.

“Whatever is left after we live as long as we can will be divided into four equal parts: Our three children and the Foundation,” Pat says. “In addition, we have requested the income from the Foundation portion be distributed among the higher education institutions which shaped us and several ministries we have supported for years.”

The Helmes decided to use the Foundation to administer their gift plans because of its successful track record of investing, the availability of staff and staff’s ability to stay in contact with donors.

It was important for the Helmes to have an estate plan in place; Frank often had made presentations to congregations – with former CCF Board member Randy West – about the need to have an estate plan and not leave those decisions to the state/courts.

“You have to put your money where your mouth is,” Frank says.