Joint Statement from CCF and Pension Fund

Volatility in the financial markets is typical, but recent market swings have been unusually sharp and extreme. Markets are concerned about rising interest rates, trade wars, a rising budget deficit, political instability and a slowing global economy. Market corrections are part of the long-term investment process.

Pension Fund of the Christian Church and the Christian Church Foundation have decades of experience weathering volatile markets. We have been here before and we know that by maintaining a long-term perspective and following a proven investment discipline, we not only can weather short-term market swings, we can use them to add value to our members and investors.

Markets will rise and fall, but you can count on us to manage your dollars with care. We are grateful for your partnership and invite you to contact us with any questions. 

Thank you.

Todd Adams                                                                    Gary Kidwell
President, Pension Fund of the Christian Church          President, Christian Church Foundation                                     (866) 495-7322 (800) 668-8016