Edenside Christian Church, Louisville (Ky.)

For over 100 years, Edenside Christian Church has graced the one of the busiest corners on one of the busiest commercial streets in Louisville, KY. A fixture in the historic Highlands neighborhood, the Edenside building saw more coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants and even tattoo parlors come and go over the decades than is almost imaginable.

Broad Street Christian Church

For many Disciples in the Ohio region, the name Broad Street Christian Church in Columbus was synonymous with their regional cathedral. Through its history, Broad Street supported new congregations, inspired eight young men and women to ministry, extended hospitality to all people, and sponsored the first Alcoholics Anonymous group in the Columbus area. Broad Street was a mission-minded congregation.

Washington Man's Foresight Will Bless Generations of Christians

Sometimes things do work out for a reason. About 10 years ago, shortly after First Christian Church of Tacoma, WA, had created a permanent fund policy with help from the Christian Church Foundation, Steve Harter approached then-Senior Minister Rev. John Williams with a request: He was rewriting his will, and he wanted to name Rev. Williams as the executor and, since he had few heirs, wanted to leave his remaining assets to the church’s new permanent fund.